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We are a professional team willing to give everything in your event so that it is the perfect spark.

We have professionals in:

Sound technicians

Our technical team will be in charge of creating the magical atmosphere you imagine throughout the event.

Stage assistants

They are aware of everything, bringing the feeling of being in a theater in the same garden or restaurant where you are.

Children's entertainers

Professionals with regulated titles will mean that you do not have to worry about the "little ones".

Specialists in photo and video

Do you want to remember your event with the same emotion with which you experienced it? We make the audiovisual summary of your big day taking care of every detail.


We are a united and collaborative team. Each member is specialized in an area to nurture us together and for this reason we make sure that each client is totally satisfied, making sure that all their guests leave happy and that they do not stop talking about the great day they have enjoyed.

We take your party or event to the next level, guaranteeing a professional and quality service. We like to satisfy our customers, so we take care of every last detail (music, sensations, dealing with guests...).

And you? Do you dare to be part of our trajectory? Ask for a budget without commitment!


David, known as Sindini, has a career of more than 10 years in the magical world. It is characterized by performing good magic with everyday items (notebooks, chains, ropes...). This has allowed him to be a reference for many illusionists due to his philosophy. Without large or special devices, he performs true feats.

Graduated from one of the most important internationally recognized schools, he presents his own format with great projection on the national scene. Disciple of one of the best mentalists in the world and student of the world of hypnosis and suggestion, he is training the new generation of hypnotists.

Without a doubt, it fascinates even the most demanding public. Now he proposes to make your event unique, magical and unforgettable.

Main services

We show you our main services, you can ask us without commitment for other services.

Magic shows

It is our main service, we take a show that you can see in a theater to the room where you want, with this we make your event unforgettable.

Comprehensive organization of events

We advise you and take care of organizing the part of the celebration (even if it is thematic) with our own and external services.


What better than a mini disco at your event? Hire packs of hours and ask us. Sessions for adults or families with the best DJs in the area.

Children's entertainment

Our professionals will be in charge of entertaining the little ones so that you do not have to worry about anything at any time.

Training for illusionists

We offer specialization courses or training from 0 for anyone interested in learning magic through our online academy Royal Flush"Escalera Real"

Corporate events

We can present your product, gala or event by making it more dynamic with magic tricks making perfect your event

Why us?

We tell you why you should choose us and what our way of working is like.

Inicial contact

In the first contact we listen to your ideas and needs, we reserve the date and offer you personalized solutions.

Event confirmation

In this phase we have resolved all your doubts and you have received an exact budget. Once accepted we proceed to prepare it.

Event day

At the event we will make sure that you do not have to worry about anything, it is your day and you should enjoy it.

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